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How does this work?

Once you decide you would like your pup to come to pup's palace, the first step is the behaviour assessment.  This is approximately one hour where we make sure your pup is comfortable and right for daycare.  

You can contact us and arrange a time that works.  Prior to your visit, it is great if you can fill in the new customer registration form.  This is actually a portal that you will be able to access to provide details about your pup, as well as upload documents such as their vaccination certificates, and of course, a cute little photo of them!  By filling this out prior to the first visit, it will save you time on the day.  It also allows you to read through the terms and conditions, and although we know it can be boring, it is also important.  We want you to be fully informed prior to leaving your little one in our care.

As long as the assessment goes well, you can then use the portal to request bookings which makes things really easy for you.  We offer packages which you will see on your account if you choose to purchase them, or you can book in for a casual visit.  

Pick up and drop off is easy and you can either pay prior to the visit or pay at the time of pick up.  We will also send you pics and a report of how your furbaby's day was.  I am sure you will see it on their tired little face anyway! 

If you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them for you.  Feel free to contact us!

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